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The YM2000 is a good choice for home care, a nursing home, and hospital usage. This Easy Mobile Bed Package includes the bed frame, removable bedchair, mattress, and safety side rail.


The YM2000 can be easily separated into individual bed chairs and bed frame units.

The bedchair is just like a luxury wheelchair, comfortable for patients, easy for caregivers to move patients out for daily care.


The YM2000 has electrically operated head and knee positions, also enable caregivers to change the height of position. Ultra-quiet DC actuators easily reposition sleeping mode to seat mode, as well as the bed up and down. And, for safety, the bed embedded a standard rechargeable battery pack. Go with an air mattress, the YM 2000 designed for long-term care users that reduce the pressure sores condition.

YOFA Mobile easybed alternating air mattress bed YM2000A


    • Good for long term care, nursing care and life health care
    • Removable bed chair
    • Quiet, smooth operation
    • Heavy-duty frame ensures strength and  patient safety
    • 173kg SWL (Safe Working Load)
    • Height Adjustment: 590mm low height / 740 mm max height
    • Low air loss/alternating air mattress available (YM2000A)

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