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The EEG performance tester designed for regulation testing.
Standard Coverage: IEC 60601-2-26:2012, JJG 1043, JJF 1388, JJF 1390.


Applicable for R&D, compliance and production line testing

WhaleTeq SEEG 100

    • Designed according to latest EEG regulation standard IC 60601-2-26:2012
    • Sophisticated electrical design enables the test system to output 1uV signal
    • 9 channels with auto-select switches for users to test performance individually
    • Built-in test circuits as defined in EEG standards with selection of 620k / 4.7F for input impedance test
    • Good shielding and grounding designs allow for higher accuracy
    • A real-time single channel player for PhysioNet's ED format waveforms and text / binary format waveforms
    • IEC 60601-2-26 helper makes the test sequences easier than ever

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