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  • The whole mattress is completely covered, and the zipper type is airtight, anti-fouling and anti-foreign body.
  • External connecting air tube with dust-proof sleeve. © Three-pipe quick connector is easy to install, Put the cap back on connector for transport function.
  • Intuitive operation interface for product control.
  • Patent Design CPR Quick Valve Separate power connector, double external fuse, the power switch is hidden and not accidentally touched.
  • The coverlet can be wiped and disinfected with 75% alcohol, high temperature 95°water washing and disinfection.

True Source TS-60A5 5" Air mattress & pump system

    • Low vibration
    • Low noise
    • Low power consumption
    • Modular design for convenient production and maintenance
    • Auto pressure support
    • Warning function system
    • Inner pressure monitoring system
    • Photo sensor position technology
    • Power saving
    • Memory restore function

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