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Provides a service that allows anyone to detect medical-grade sleep conditions regardless of location.


It can be used during health checkups to allow physicians to screen for sleep disorders and provide recommendations for individual sleep imporvement based on the measure values.


The EEG electrode device consists of three electrodes linked to a forehead patch and two subauricular electroshock patches to obtain brain waves, myoelectricity, and ocular electrical signals.

SUIMIN Objective detection of sleep conditions by brain waves

    • Simple and comfortable to wear EEG electrode device
    • Anyone can wear it easily in about 2-3 minutes (Electrodes are disposable and replaced every night)
    • Sleep brainwave meter for IoT (Japan)
    • Real-time analysis of brain wave data by AI
    • It can be used to verify the effectiveness of sleepp-related products and can be applied to research-related fields

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