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The RESPIRA Oxygen Concentrator produces concentrated oxygen from room air for delivery to a homecareuserhaving breathing issue. The oxygen from the air is concentrated using a molecular sieve and a pressure swing adsorption process.

SINGA Respira oxygen concentrator 6lpm

    • Durable
      • Molecular sieve separates Oxygen and Nitrogen
      • New design oxygen concentrator includes a unique structure that prevents any powder from flying into the molecular sieve
    • Ease-of-use
      • All information is visible in one panel (e.g., Lpm, time, etc.)
      • Easy flowmeter control with the clear control knob.Easy control and operation.
    • Space-saving
      • Smallest device on the market:
      • 42cm high (most devices are 50-70cm high)
      • Efficient storage and space-saving

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