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SEDA Anti-Decubitus Mattresses (Non-Sterile), using the high density, viscoelastic and temperature-sensitive memory foam, is designed to help reduce pressure ulcer incidence in the facility and provide better sleep quality for patients.


This product has been widely used in Taiwan famous hospitals (Taiwan University Hospital, Tai-An Hospital, Taipei/Taichung Veterans General Hospital, and Cheng Kung University Hospital), and effects have been highly recognized from the professional staff and patients.

IMAGER-37 SEDA Anti Decubitus Mattresses (Non Sterile)

    • The non-powered support surface is designed to maintain the skin integrity of patients and prevent pressure ulcers.
    • The firmness of the mattress is regulated according to the contact body and environment temperature, and it could maximize the body contact area on the mattress. For this reason, this mattress with good body envelopment and contouring could facilitate better pressure distribution and sleep.
    • The smooth and stretchable ticking could help minimize shear and friction and provide added patient comfort.
    • Waterproof cover with anti-bacterial and fungus, flame retardant and easy clean

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