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A versatile 3-in-1 rollator, transport chair & electric wheelchair that enables users to stay active and be supported throughout different stages of decreasing mobility.

The Rollz Motion Electric combines the features of three devices, helping people with mobility limitations to stay as independent as possible. The rollator option offers stable support while walking, allowing users to make the best of their mobility. When walking becomes difficult, the user can attach the wheelchair package and rest or continue moving while safely seated. The electric system further enhances the functionality by making it a motorized wheelchair, enabling users to travel independently at any time.
This innovative design emphasizes the advantage of a durable and practical solution for multiple mobility needs, from requiring some support to full-time use of a wheelchair.

Rollz Motion Electric

    • No help needed
      • Joystick-controled wheelchair
    • Maneuverability
      • Turns on the spot even in narrow spaces
    • Modular system
      • Adaptable to different mobility needs

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