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The motion sensor will monitor whether there is a movement event in the environment. The sensor can connect with smart devices to make relative responses. For example, when a person is detected, the sound and light alarm will activate a security warning or suspend the ultraviolet disinfection light.

Rapid! Motion Sensor MTN-H173A (ZigBee)

    • Apply ZigBee technology with low power consumption; the battery lifetime is up to 24 months

    • Apply ZigBee ZHA standard protocol & Z-WAVE standard agreement with good compatibility

    • Status monitoring online

    • Low battery reminder and report function

    • Tool-free installation design

    • Apply automatic threshold adjustment technology to enhance the stability of the detector

    • Prevent false alarms from detectors effectively

    • Battery reverse polarity and overcurrent protection

    • Nicera Sensor

    • Ultra-thin shape design

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