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Hex smart home security system was launched on 6/8/2021 in USA. It is powered by OWI’s WiFi sensing technology to protect your home with high accuracy. Hex is simple to install, avoiding the complicated installation of the home security camera, contact sensors of windows and doors or the PIR motion sensors. Without camera or wearing any device, it could be a monitor system for the living alone elder’s daily motions. The user just downloads the app, plug in the devices, connect to WiFi, done! The user can manage the schedule of arming or disarming the system from anywhere and anytime by the APP without paying the monthly fee in our basic offer.

Hex Home Home guardian system

    • Innovation Award CES 2021 and Red Dot Design Award winner 2021
    • No camera without invasion of privacy.
    • High motion detection accuracy, low false alarm
    • Wide coverage
    • Easy installation

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