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Nobi’s smart lamps allow you to live at home longer while happily enjoying a sense of independence. Nobi recognises a fall and will ask if you are alright. If you’re not, she will notify a family member, one of your trusted contacts or a specialised emergency call centre.  The lamp will then connect you to that person to reassure you that help is on its way. If necessary, Nobi can even unlock the smart lock on your front door, so help can be provided even quicker.


Nobi thus restores your self-confidence and provides peace of mind. This isn’t only important for you, it’s also important for your family. Nobi allows you to live your happiest life, knowing you’ll be taken care of in case of an emergency.

Nobi Smart lamps

  • Fall detection

    • The AI powered Nobi lamp is transforming residential care settings’ ability to both prevent and detect falls which are the most significant cause of fatal injuries with elderly people.

    Fall prevention

    • When you sit up in bed, Nobi gently turns on the light to prevent you from becoming disoriented. Once you are standing, Nobi switches on the light for you.
    • Sleep reports

      • Our sleeping behaviour says a lot about our health. Nobi shows you sleep reports, so whatever is causing changes in sleep patterns can be addressed.


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