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The bed sensor from nevisCura is an intelligent bed exit alarm that makes everyday work noticeably easier for caregivers. Once attached to the bed in just a few simple steps, the silent guard discreetly signals when a resident wants to leave the bed – even before he or she has set foot on the floor. And best of all, the sensor is compatible with any standard nurse call system.

nevisCura Bed sensor

    • Fewer false alarms
      • Thanks to the intelligent dual-sensor technology, the bed sensor prevents false alarms and only informs caregivers when a hazardous situation exists.
    • Simply easy to clean
      • The insensitive material is easy to clean and can be washed off easily. The device does not have to be removed or moved back and forth.
    • Fall prevention
      • Thanks to the early detection of a bed fall, caregivers can already come to the resident’s aid when he or she gets up, which reduces the risk of falls to a minimum.
    • Comfortable
      • The bed sensor puts an end to time-consuming moving of the sensor mat and unnecessary walking due to false alarms. This is not only easy on the back, but also saves time.
    • Investment protection
      • The device is durable and future-proof. The hardware is dimensioned in such a way that it can be used and updated for years. Various interfaces enable the connection to maintenance software.
    • Dementia-friendly
      • The bed sensor is almost invisible to the occupant. This is not only really chic, but also makes sense. Because residents are not tempted to bypass the system, as is often the case with a sensor mat.

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