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The “Door Access Card-reading Controller-QR Code Type” is a smart terminal control device that incorporates an RFID smart module and provides password, card sensing, QR Code scanning functions. Features of RFID encryption, anti-forgery and unduplicability are included.


It also supports NFC and Mifare reader, able to grasp the entering and exiting status of personnel in real-time. It can be used with door access and visitor management systems or for attendance management including punch-in, personnel and materials management, etc. Besides, it can be applied to enterprises, hospitals, campuses, community buildings and other fields, as the first line of defense of security protection to meet the needs of multiple use.

Microprogram Information Door access card reading controller QR code type

    • Supports door-opening through QR Code scanning, card-sensing or password input
    • QR code has dynamic update mode (becomes invalid automatically if unused for a period of time) , effectively improving usage security
    • Equipped with tamper-detection trigger mechanisms; the alarm will sound, and the incident will be recorded and reported in real-time
    • High security protection level prevents copy cards from sensing (optional)
    • Controls the unit with a unique card serial number 
    • Supports Mifare®, ISO14443 A/B and ISO15693 cards
    • White backlight LCD screen with high resolution; supports QR code, English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese

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