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A connected portable amusing and healing hand pressing system to improve:

Reaction, attention and coordination.

  • Built with programmed games with different complexity for training reaction, memory, attention and coordination step by step
  • All programs lead to enough hand tapping activity and speed processing training, which are proven to reduce risk of dementia
  • SODA is connected to APP for recording and tracing training progress
  • Competition by 2 players mode is available to enhance the fun of games and encourage the motivation of making progress.

LTPA Solution SODA cognition training system

    • Designed according to the theory of brain plasticity:
      • According to the design of brain plasticity, according to research research can delay the deterioration of brain function
    •  Match the physical machine to increase the muscle mass:
      • Single, double-handed and double-footed to train, strengthen the ability of the trainer's limbs to expand.
    • Support four cognitive skills training:
      • Four cognitive skills training including responsiveness, attention, coordination, and memory.
    • Support three training methods:
      • Single training, double PK training, sandbag throwing training
    • With vocal interaction, add training fun:
      • Combine the vocal interactions with kindness, let cognitive training be like playing games, no pressure.
    • Support remote data collection:
      • Combine cloud services with APP to enable the therapist to get the status of the trainer from the cloud system.

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