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Evo Altus gives you freedom and independence in mobility. With its extremely low seat to floor height of 415mm, and a battery capacity of up to 80Ah, with no restrictions on the seat positioning, make Evo Altus a unique standing wheelchair worldwide!  


Effectively enhances blood circulation and preserves physical health. Reduces muscular fibrosis and arthrofibrosis. Enhances physical circulation by improving heart and lung functions and promotes gastrointestinal movement. Lowers the risk of heart disease and improves circulation, urinary health, bowel function, and bone density

Karma EVO Altus Power wheelchair

  • EVO Altus has four standing curves: 

    • Sit-to-stand
    • 45° lay-to-stand
    • Lay-to-stand
    • Tilt-to-stand 

    A smooth and efficient standing curve improves user experience and enjoys life with more elegancy and less distortion.

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