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Holiday Ocarina is a brand-new electronic ocarina, combined with a mobile phone. The ocarina has functions that many traditional musical instruments do not have, such as changing the sounds of other musical instruments (such as Saxophone / Flute / Piano / Bell), and parents and children or friends play together with different musical instruments; Directly set the tone of the song and play with the accompaniment music; Practice with headphones, no annoying noise, customize the fingering of performance and operate according to your own custom. No tedious learning process, can perform all kinds of musical instruments smoothly. It is the best choice for your music learning choice.

Holiday Ocarina

    • Simple fingering - barrier free of learning
    • Select familiar fingering or customized
    • Adjustable tune - matches the song or accompaniment tone
    • A wide range of 36 degrees (including 8-degree high and low scales and rising and falling tones)
    • The sound file can be recorded - transmitted to relatives, friends or groups
    • Select output device (Headset / Bluetooth speaker) - practice without interference. Various output sound (Ocarina / Flute / Saxophone / Piano / Bell)

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