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Holiday Ball is a new game console that wirelessly combines the host and mobile phone to play games and train brain and body reactions. In addition, the surface of the sphere is specially designed to strengthen peripheral nerve stimulation, to more effectively activate the hippocampal gyrus of the brain; The same host can use many different game apps, which is the best choice for parent-child. It combines teaching with fun, cultivates parent-child feelings, promotes family harmony and fun, and can also effectively train the ability of brain, hand and eye coordination and sensory integration. There is also a specially designed memory game app, which specializes in brain memory training and stores enough brain energy, so that the elders of the silver haired people can exercise and strengthen their brain, keep their head and body good, and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Holiday Ball

    • A new game console for integrated training of brain nerves and body rhythm
    • Equipped convex points with soft ball, it can stimulate peripheral nerve during training and produce greater training effect
    • With the mobile app, the software is updated immediately through the cloud system
    • Small size, light weight, unlimited playing anytime, anywhere
    • A large capacity long-term lithium battery
    • Have a record of game results, understand training progress and effectiveness

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