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Building blocks are must-have toys for every child as they grow up. A simple set of building blocks can trigger boundless imagination in children. Building blocks can help children learn how to stack objects and arrange them into different combinations. It is at the same time one of the important tools to help children train their small muscles and develop their fine motor skills. As the name suggests, the “mu blocks” has multiple pieces in the shape of the Chinese /character “木 (wood);” two “木” characters form the character “林 (woods).” A lot of wood combined will form a forest. By playing with building blocks, children can strengthen their hand-eye coordination; through
different ways of stacking and combining, their imagination can be stimulated. The toy also teaches children the spatial concept of shapes while improving their concentration and patience.

HOI Toy & Play Mu Blocks

    • Spatial concept
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Creativity

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