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900P is mainly for the elderly and the special needs that are visually impaired. There’s no screen, just two large buttons with braille. This simple application makes it an elderlyoriented design. Based on 4G (CAT.1), this smart wear can call, localize, monitor health, detect falls...etc.

Guider Angel care senior-caring wearable 900P

    • SOS button
      • Just long press button, it will automatically call every emergency contact by turns.
    • Call using one simple click
      • 10 contacts, ban unknown calls, auto answering, loud speaker design
    • 24-hour health care
      • Heart rate tracking, stress tracking, SpO2 tracking, sleep monitor, activity monitor
    • Precise localization technology
      • Indoor and outdoor positioning, safety barrier, historical trajectory, dynamic navigation
    • It will notify contact when health data is abnormal and wearer goes in and out of the safety barrier.
    • It will read out the current time, step counts, battery percentage, health examination and IMEI code.
    • Voice reminder
      • It reminds you to take medicine or drink water…etc.
    • Fall detection
      • Notify all contact when fallen down.
    • Other specification
      • 3-day battery life, magnetic charging, water repellent

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