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The device is used to warm and humidity gases delivered to patients by breathing circuit, to patients requiring mechanical ventilation, positive pressure breathing assistance by tracheostomy inner tube or face mask. 

The VH-2600A humidifer is controlled by an MCU and could autometically control the tempurture for different settings. 
Operators could select between  "invasive " or "non-invasive" mode and "heater wire" or "non heater wire" mode according to patient's condition. 


The GGM VH-2600A humidifier is a simple to operate device, with a one stop solution for invasive & non-invasive ventilation. The high performing humidifier is capable of providing optimal humidity to the patients and is very easy and quick to learn for all medical staffs. 

Great Group Medical Humidifier VH-2600A

    • Easy to operate
    • One device for all ventilation patients
    • Highly efficiant in delivering Optimal humidity (37 °C, 44mg/L)
    • Competible to all breathing circuits

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