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Besmed FitMax® CPAP Total Face Mask is used as an accessory to ventilators – which is intended to deliver CPAP or positive pressure ventilation to patients with respiratory failure, respiratory insufficiency, COPD, sleep apnea and those with claustrophobia. These masks are applied to any non-invasive ventilators (Bilevel positive airway pressure equipment) equipped with proper alarms and safety systems in case of ventilator failure.

Besmed FitMax CPAP Total Face Mask

    • Medical grade silicone cushion and shatterproof polycarbonate shell in co-molding technology ensure the mask is leakage free.
    • Large clear surface can ease the patient’s anxiety.
    • Ergonomic contour will provide optimal comfort and reduce pressure sensitivity.
    • Slide-in clip of the head strap enables the patient to don and doff easily.
    • The mask comes with option of the Standard Elbow for dual-limb systems and the Anti-Asphyxia Elbow for single-limb systems.

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