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EZYPRO® is Asia No.1 14-day arrhythmia diagnostic solution with ECG Recorder, AI analysis software, and professional ECG Report. EZYPRO® is embedded with Bluetooth and uniquely designed to accommodate the challenging climate in Asia, leading to great patient compliance and satisfaction. We offer practical clinical live tools to build up doctor-patient relationships. EZYPRO® is praised for its high quality and becomes the most innovative clinical diagnostic tool for cardiologists.

EZYPRO UG02 Arrhythmia Diagnostic Solution

    • ECG Recorder:
      • With 20% lighter weight, it is a waterproof single-lead recorder for up to 14-day monitoring.
      • A new Bluetooth transmission function allows the medical professionals to review live ECG signals via our exclusive “EZY iSee” App, supporting Android system.
    • ECG Patch:
      • The groundbreaking patent patch complies with international biocompatibility regulations and can better accommodate Asia climate due to greater permeability and dry quicker.
      • Patients can complete wear time as prescribed in comfort.
      • Low skin irritation, High clinical satisfaction.
    • ECG Analyzer:
      • The analysis software keeps improving due to the well-trained AI algorithm.
      • Along with our ECG analysis center, we provide accurate and comprehensive ECG analysis reports, helping doctors make further diagnoses and treatments.

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