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A concept that simplifies and improves oral hygiene. Helps parents clean the teeth of their children properly. Enables children to clean their teeth at an early age.Cleans 3 surfaces of the teeth at the same time. Cleans all 3 surfaces equally well. Less time required for adequate cleaning. Clinically documented. International awards.

Dr Barmans Superbrush 3

    • Easier brushing
      • Superbrush hugs the teeth and guide itself along the row of teeth
      • With short gentle “scrubbing” movements even a young child can master toothbrushing
    • Better brushing
      • As Superbrush hugs the teeth all sides of teeth are cleaned equally well
      • The bristles are precisely angled in 45° towards the gumline to ensure proper cleaning along the gumline
    • Effective brushing
      • As Superbrush cleans all sides of teeth at the same time you make more efficient use of your normal brushing time

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