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WALKPAL treadmill is the best solution for various wellness demands, including fitness, homecare and training. Simple-to-use and easy-to-access make WALKPAL one of the best among its kind. With the assistance of training program, WALKPAL is the best "PAL” for seniors to reach exercise goal or complete physical training.

DK City Walkpal

    • Low starting speed 0.2km/h enables and ideal and smooth training
    • Enlarge buttons for easy to operation
    • Hand pulse and built-in heart rate receiver allow you to monitor the training status while training
    • Instant program buttons
    • 4 preset training programs with 5 levels
    • 3 target heart rate programs (55% / 65% / 75%), functions with wireless chest strap (opt.) only
    • Extremely low step 77mm(3”) allows an easy access to step on treadmill
    • Extended sleek handrail finished with non-slip grip to enhance safety
    • Enlarged safety key
    • Emergency pop-up quick stop switch ensures a safe training

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