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The Cognito system uses advanced algorithms to monitor, track and predict patient falls before they happen. Our key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard provides management reporting and patient-specific data by unit and by facility to help create individualized care plans, improve staff and enterprise efficiency and drive better purchasing decisions.

Cognito Patient Fall Prevention Solution

  • Sensor Pad:

    • A contact-free sensor placed on the mattress, under the bedding, to detects a patient's movement and connect to a bedside control box.

    Control Box

    • The control box collects patient movement data and sends alerts to nurse mobile devices and the nurse station dashboard via the cloud. Optional audible notification encourages patients to wait for assistance.

    KPI Dashboard

    • The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboard provides data analytics related to patient care trends, workflow improvement and cost savings.

    Cognito Dashboard

    • The interactive dashboard monitors all patients in the unit simultaneously- providing a birds-eye view to patient activity and risk.

    Mobile Application

    • Real-time alerts are sent to the caregiver’s mobile device to ensure they are notified before an adverse event occurs and are able to react sooner.


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