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Trainers and athletes understand that fitness is much more than how you look and how much you weigh. Quantifying where the muscle is going. Seeing if the loss in weight is from burning through fat, or insufficient hydration. Tracking where progress has been made, and where to focus your efforts. The fitness community has asked for precise tools and data to keep up with increasingly advanced needs, and Charder is proud to present the MA601 Body Composition Analyzer, designed to assist professionals in elevating program quality and progress analysis.

The MA601 provides the relevant measurement values and data that you need to bring your program to the next level. Boasting multiple measurement frequencies and sophisticated algorithms, Charder stands by our devices with clinical trials and over ten years of original peer-reviewed scientific research, for results you can trust.

Charder Medical MA601 body composition analyzer

    • Body composition analysis
    • Muscle-fat analysis
    • Obesity analysis
    • Segmental analysis
    • Body type analysis
    • Muscle quality
    • Body composition history
    • Fitness parameters
    • Health score
    • Control guide

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