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A smart station for muscle and balance ability screening in 3 minutes offering professional evaluation for sarcopenia and frailty and generating analysis results immediately. The usage is straightforward with 3 steps only. First, login by RFID contactless card or input ID. Second, follow graphic UI instruction to finish evaluation. Third, with wifi connection, all measured data is uploaded to platform automatically. And the station can show up to 7 latest history data for long-term tracking. The station is the ideal helper for physicians and trainers to provide individualized advice for clients.

Babybot Muscle Strength Evaluation & Training System

    •  Smart 3-in-1 system evaluates muscle ability comprehensively
    • Including grip power, lower limb strength & balance checking
    • Precise training helper for pre/post outcome evaluation report
    • For personalized training program & numerical workout result
    • Multi-usage with gamification muscle and balance training
    • Training data auto-saving for long-term tracking & analysis

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