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APrevent® VOIS is made of silicone and titanium, which are inert and hypoallergenic materials. It is characterized by its unique design for medialization thyroplasty. The goal is to get optimized results with reduced complications and revision rates. It is the first implant in the market that can be adjusted both intra- and postoperatively.


Follow up procedures can be easily performed. The particular shape and unique design of the implant enables a precise adjustment of VOIS , improving voice quality, swallowing and preventing complications from glottic insufficiency.


The implant materials are biocompatible medical grade silicone and titanium and can be implanted through a minimal invasive and standardized procedure, the latteralleviating pain and shortening of recovery time. Postoperative implant adjustments make it possible to optimize individual needs without revision surgery.

APrevent VOIS vocal implant system

    • Short recovery time
    • Minimal foreign body sensation
    • Complete anterior and posterior glottal closure
    • Sugery can be done under general or local anesthesia
    • Post-operative adjustment at office-based setting without revision surgery
    • Standardized, safe, effective and minimally invasice surgical procedure

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