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In just 30 seconds, the personal heart rate, heart rate variability, and electrocardiogram can be recorded through PPG photovolography sensing and ECG electrocardiogram sensing principles.


Through the detection of G-sensor, lifestyle variables (such as steps and sleep, etc.) are calculated.

Amor H2 plus wearable ECG recorder


    • ECG measurement
      • The measurement stops after 30 seconds, and you can understand your body conditions such as normal heartbeat rhythm, suspected slightly fast heartbeat, fast heartbeat, slightly slow heartbeat, slow heartbeat, and irregular heartbeat
    • Heart rate variability applications
      • Usual heart rate and heart rate variability data are collected and converted for statistical analysis.
    • Event Record
      • The optical PG heart rate presets full-time detection, and continuously monitors heart rate changes and events to record the current 30-second heart rate changes, irregular heartbeats, and electrocardiograms
      • (Needs to be set up in the APP first)
    • Lifestyle tracking
      • Provide applications such as step count, sleep and health index to record your lifestyle
      • Can further self- adjust and achieve health promotion.

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