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The name Sentinare is coined from the words Sentinel and Care, because it’s a guardian for your loved ones.


By detecting and analyzing human activities, Sentinare can show health trends and send alerts when emergencies such as falls, overstays, and absences are detected. It’s an ideal tool for senior care and remote patient monitoring.


Unlike a traditional camera that transmits video data, Sentinare only transmits stick-figure animations, preserving and protecting privacy from end to end.

AltumView Sentinare

    • Stick-Figure Streaming & Recording
      • From the app, watch real-time or recorded stick-figure streams, while respecting privacy
    • Fall Detection & Risk Assessment
      • Detect falls, and perform fall risk assessments to prevent falls
    • Activity Recognition & Analytics
      • Recognize activities such as standing/sitting/lying, collect stats, and help to identify anomaly
    • Region-of-Interest Monitoring
      • Define whom & what to monitor: Restricted Region, Overstay/Absence Detection, Entrance/Exit
    • Hand-Waving Detection
      • Allow people to seek help actively by waving their hand in front of the sensor
    • Face Recognition
      • Use face recognition to enable individual statistics and monitoring
    • Voice Call
      • Check on the conditions of loved ones via VOIP calls
    • Guest Accounts
      • Invite secondary users to receive alerts from selected sensors and people
    • API Integration
      • Cloud API for B2B partner integration and further development

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