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In order to meet the daily nutritional supply and medication needs of patients with abnormal swallowing, unconsciousness, and suspected of developing aspiration pneumonia, doctors usually use nasogastric tubes for treatment.


When using a nasogastric tube, the nasogastric tube must be fixed to prevent the nasogastric tube from slipping out. And for hygiene and safety, the nasogastric tube needs daily care. However, the traditional nasogastric tube fixation method not only causes a strong sense of discomfort for the patient, but also makes it difficult for the nursing staff to operate.


In this regards, we launched the “replaceable Qiaoxin Patch", which effectively solves the troubles and hidden worries caused by traditional nasogastric tube fixation nasal patches to patients and nursing staff and brings good news to patients who are fed by nasogastric tube!

Alger Qiao-Xin Nasogastric Tube Holder and Patch

    • The base employs a hypoallergenic tape with a diameter of 28mm. The affixed area can be changed as needed, allowing the skin to have adequate recovery time to prevent skin damage.

    • With a patented 360-degree rotatable universal clip, no matter where one places the QiaoXin Patch on the cheek or nasal bridge, it can firmly grasp the NG tube and keep the NG tube suspended in the nasal cavity, thereby reducing the occurrence of pressure sores.

    • A patented cross bar can effectively prevent the NG tube from slipping out due to severe cough.

    • Steps for nursing staffs to apply are simple and fast--which greatly reduces nursing time -- and can effectively reduce the risk of infection, and increase nursing staff productivity !

    • Obtain invention and design patents in Taiwan

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