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Accelsit cushions are ergonomically designed with principles of bio-mechanics to rectify your sitting posture. The unique structure allows for redistribution of pressure on the  spine and buttocks discomfort. Accelsit cushions promote postural alignment and pelvic stability to be an ideal choice in providing optimal sitting comfort and to relieve upper body and back musculoskeletal discomfort especially for long-hours sitting in a limited space. 

Accelsit Sitting Cushion

    • Optimal width and shape in line with the adductor muscles of human leg provides optimal support for the hips.
    • Innovative airflow channels keep hips dry and comfortable without compromising pressure distribution.
    • Multi-density memory foam shapes a posture that conforms to everyone after sitting some time, increase the load-bearing on the back of the thighs, and reduces the burden on the hips.
    • The slight forward slope helps your low back in a natural and healthy alignment which reduces back pain and fatigue. 
    • The center relieved groove maintains good ventilation and soothes the discomfort of sacral bones.
    • Non-skid bottom assures your safety; ultralight and fold-able very handy for carry-out

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