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Xeye privacy sensor unveiled at H.C.R. 2023 to safeguard privacy and security in private spaces

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

In an impressive display at the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (H.C.R) 2023, Sankyo Air Tech (S.A.T), the prominent Japanese manufacturer renowned for its advanced cleaning humidifier URUORICH and Ozone deodorizer RADICA, has introduced an innovative product set to transform privacy and safety standards in public spaces. Xeye, a cutting-edge anomaly detection sensor designed for private areas like toilets and bathrooms, promises a revolution in privacy monitoring without compromising individuals' dignity.

Xeye privacy sensor; Photo credit: S.A.T

Xeye is specifically engineered to address a spectrum of challenges encountered in private spaces, ranging from vandalism and potential criminal activities to personal safety. If individuals with medical conditions faint or exhibit slow responses in the bathroom, immediate assistance is crucial to avoid major accidents. This also applies to personal accidents involving intoxicated guests who may linger in the restroom for extended periods, as well as drowning incidents involving infants and babies.

Photo credit: S.A.T

This state-of-the-art sensor employs AI technology to analyze human skeletal conditions, ensuring continuous monitoring while respecting user privacy.

Xeye prioritizes privacy protection, transmitting data without displaying sensitive content, thus safeguarding the individuals being monitored. Through behavioral analysis, Xeye accurately assesses various behavioral patterns and bone movements, enabling precise judgment of situations while upholding user privacy.

It is suitable for hotels, nursing homes, convenience stores, department stores, and public restrooms in transportation hubs, reducing the burden on cleaning staff by cutting down maintenance and labor costs. Xeye facilitates early detection and intervention for patients with acute diseases, potentially saving lives. In other public spaces, it promotes a safe, clean, and private environment, enhancing the reputation of establishments and customer satisfaction.


S.A.T’s Ozone deodorizer RADICA and advanced cleaning humidifier URUORICH have been on the market for over a decade, securing a significant market share in both Japan and China. URUORICH proudly boasts an impressive track record, with testing reports indicating a close-to-zero rate of disease infections in its installed areas. The product has garnered multiple international certifications and patents, especially for Japan, Korea, and China.

URUORICH installed in the facility; Photo credit: S.A.T

In Japan and China, URORICH and Ozone deodorizer RADICA have found extensive applications in various settings, including nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, offices, banks, animal labs, animal hospitals, salons, and more. Notably, URORICH has been installed in over 3000 nursing homes and hospitals, 3000 offices and call centers, 200 nursery schools and regular schools, as well as 1500 factories, shops, and other commercial spaces.

RADICA installed in the facility; Photo credit: S.A.T


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