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Nobi smart lamp revolutionizes fall detection at WZC Gerstjens Center, Belgium

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Nobi, a visionary company in the care technology field, has introduced its groundbreaking Nobi smart lamp, transforming fall detection at the WZC Gerstjens Center in Belgium. This innovative lamp utilizes advanced AI capabilities to not only detect falls but also predict and prevent them, revolutionizing the approach to fall-related risks for nursing homes and independent elderly individuals.

Powered by vision AI trained on a comprehensive dataset of falls and non-falls, Nobi Smart Lamp achieves exceptional accuracy by eliminating false negatives and maintaining a remarkably low rate of false positives. This technological breakthrough significantly reduces alarm fatigue among care staff, allowing them to focus on delivering quality care without being overwhelmed.

Successful implementation at the WZC Gerstjens care center

Nobi lamps were successfully implemented in a residential care facility in Belgium, specifically at the WZC Gerstjens center, which is part of the Care-lon Group—an organization known for embracing innovative care technologies to enhance employee support and provide superior care across its 21 centers.

During the initial pilot phase, Nobi lamps were installed in 20 rooms at the WZC Gerstjens center, and their impact was closely monitored over a span of six months.

One of the key advantages observed was the remarkably swift response time to fall incidents, with care staff able to provide assistance within a mere 90 seconds. Falls are a significant cause of hospitalization among residents of assisted living facilities, with approximately 70% experiencing at least one fall annually, and 66% suffering severe injuries as a result. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Nobi's advanced technology promptly detects falls and ensures immediate care staff intervention. This prompt response is critical, as studies indicate that 50% of elderly individuals who remain on the floor for over an hour following a fall face a higher risk of mortality within six months. By expediting the assistance provided, Nobi contributes to preserving valuable years of life.

Nobi has significantly improved the situation at the Gerstjens care home, where residents previously had to endure extended waiting periods until the next care and security tour. Now, with Nobi in place, care staff can swiftly offer help within 90 seconds of a fall incident, marking a remarkable improvement in response time.

Moreover, the implementation of Nobi lamps has resulted in an 80% increase in the detection of fall incidents. By leveraging AI technology, the care employees at WZC Gerstjens now have a comprehensive overview of 100% of the fall incidents within the rooms equipped with Nobi lamps. This unexpected benefit of the pilot program also revealed previously unreported falls, as many elderly individuals, capable of standing independently after a fall, often fail to notify their care providers due to embarrassment or the fear of being a burden. These seemingly minor incidents can have severe consequences, underscoring the importance of capturing and addressing every fall incident.

Prevention is a key focus for Nobi, as it not only detects falls but actively works to prevent them. During nighttime, the lamp softly illuminates the room when a resident sits upright in bed and provides full illumination when the individual stands up to go to the bathroom. Caregivers receive alerts when a person leaves their bed at night, enabling them to proactively intervene and prevent falls. Additionally, the lamp monitors sleep patterns and detects changes early on, enabling the AI technology to predict an increased risk of falls and identify other potential health issues. By swiftly detecting "slow falls," caregivers can respond promptly, ensuring that elderly individuals avoid ending up on the floor.

Overall, the successful implementation of Nobi lamps at the Gerstjens care home demonstrates their significant impact in enhancing resident safety, minimizing response times, and preventing falls. The lamp's innovative features and AI capabilities have proven invaluable in providing comprehensive care and empowering caregivers to deliver prompt and effective assistance.

Roeland Pelgrims, CEO and co-founder of Nobi

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