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LRVHealth secures $200 million for fund V, paving the way for healthcare transformation

Updated: May 30, 2023

LRVHealth, the prominent venture capital platform specializing in healthcare, has successfully raised $200 million for its fifth fund. This substantial capital injection aims to accelerate the company's impressive track record of driving revolutionary changes within the healthcare sector. As part of its initial investments, LRVHealth has already allocated funds to Greater Good Health, a pioneering company that is redefining value-based care through its groundbreaking primary care model centered around nurse practitioners. Additionally, KeyCare, the nation's sole virtual-first care platform built with Epic, has also received funding from the firm.

To align with its new fund, LRVHealth has expanded its team of healthcare operators and insiders, focusing on a core investment strategy anchored around a central theme: Care Anywhere. Care Anywhere embodies the ongoing shift in healthcare towards providing medical services beyond traditional acute care settings. This transformation aims to enhance accessibility, improve health equity, and place greater emphasis on preventive, personalized, and participatory care. LRVHealth, since its establishment in 2000, has established partnerships with leading entrepreneurs and played a pivotal role in the development of prominent players in the healthcare industry.

Notably, LRVHealth's fifth fund consists exclusively of strategic limited partners, creating the largest network of strategic investors in the healthcare industry. This network encompasses provider, payer, and vendor organizations, with a remarkable 29 leading healthcare providers, payers, and vendors in the United States invested in the fund. As a result, LRVHealth's strategic network has a significant impact, touching the lives of one out of every two healthcare consumers across the country.

Keith J. Figlioli, Managing Partner at LRVHealth, expressed his vision for the future, stating, "We are witnessing a second wave of digital health innovation that will fundamentally transform how and where care is delivered. This change is driven by clinical scarcity and enabled by advancements in technology, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensors, optics, robotics, and more." Figlioli further emphasized the essence of Care Anywhere, which revolves around providing preventative, personalized, and seamless care that aligns with consumers' preferences. By collaborating closely with healthcare incumbents within their strategic network, LRVHealth aims to identify investment opportunities within this framework, fostering unique partnerships with entrepreneurs addressing these challenges, as they have successfully done for over two decades.

About LRVHealth

LRVHealth is a leading venture capital platform specializing in "Inside Healthcare." Through its network of strategic limited partners, including prominent providers, payers, and vendors that impact half of the healthcare consumers in the United States, LRVHealth applies industry knowledge and operational expertise to early-stage companies focused on innovation. LRVHealth is exclusively dedicated to transforming healthcare by forging partnerships between network members and entrepreneurs who are tackling the industry's most significant challenges and opportunities.

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