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Jubo acquires Cloudberry to complete long-term care business

Jubo Health Technologies (Jubo), a leading Taiwan-based SaaS solution provider for senior care, and Cloudberry, another prominent SaaS provider in Taiwan, signed a contract on July 1, 2023, to merge Cloudberry into Jubo.

The merger brings together two leading senior technology brands with years of experience and strengths to provide more comprehensive and integrated services to long-term care providers.

Serving 1,000 organizations with an integrated one-stop service for long-term care

Jubo serves over 700 institutional clients, and with the addition of Cloudberry's 200 clients, the total number of clients served will reach 1,000. As the super-aged society emerges in 2025, Jubo and Cloudberry will expand their system services from home services, home rehabilitation, day care centers, care homes, and residential institutions to comprehensively address the needs of seniors across independent living, assisted care, complete care, and end-of-life care.

Targeting overseas market, with 300% annual growth rate

Jubo, founded in 2018, raised US$6.22 million (NT$195 million) in its Series A round, and after the completion of its pre-B round in June this year, the total amount of capital raised reached US$16.22 million (NT$520 million). The solution provided to long-term care organizations is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, billed on a per-bed basis.

Jubo officially entered the North American market at the end of 2022, and within three months, Jubo has successfully gained the attention of 25 long-term care institutions in North America, with an expected reach of 100 customers by the end of the year. The Japanese market is expected to be officially introduced at the end of the year, and the overseas revenue is estimated to exceed NT$100 million in 2024.

In less than five years since its establishment, Jubo is already a leader in the field of smart long-term care in Taiwan. Founder and CEO, Dr. Jessy Kang, said age technology is a market in demand, and although it is growing slowly, it will be a large market. Jubo is constantly seeking more innovative, intuitive, and integrated information service solutions to meet the needs of caregivers and long-term care organizations and help improve the quality of care. The company will continue to invite investors who share the same vision of senior health and well-being to join the B round of fundraising. In the future, Jubo will continue to work with outstanding long-term care and cross-disciplinary partners to expand the scale and build a smart care ecosystem.

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