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Iveda partners with Movement Interactive to deliver AI, IoT solutions to senior living communities

Iveda announced a partnership with Movement Interactive this April to support the health and safety for those living in long-term care communities and assist healthcare workers by providing real time alerts through HIPAA-compliant IvedaCare. Coupled with Iveda’s suite of AI capabilities, Movement Interactive’s healthcare personnel will be equipped with crucial situational awareness and accurate, by-the-second information, while simultaneously collecting data from patients to improve ongoing care.

According to the American Health Care Association, there are currently more than 800,000 Americans in assisted living, with 28,900 assisted living communities and nearly 1 million licensed beds across the country. As this population continues to grow, senior living facilities are looking to solutions that further assist both residents and caretakers responsible for monitoring medical emergencies, such as falls. Through IvedaCare’s real time monitoring and alerts, caregivers are notified as soon as action needs to be taken or if there are changes in a patient’s condition.

“Our partnership with Movement Interactive provides senior living facilities –– those that live within them and those critical to their successful operation –– with access to Iveda’s full line of AI and IoT technologies, providing continued benefits to the medical and healthcare industry,” said Iveda CEO and founder, David Ly. “Our proven solutions for care applications save precious time and resources for caretakers and IvedaCare’s customizable approach to aging-in-place technology enables hospitals, facilities, and communities to achieve truly smart elder care.”

IvedaCare’s sophisticated AI technology provides caretakers with bot-enabled ambient fall detection, medication adherence monitoring, real-time location monitoring capabilities, and more –– all accessible through a mobile app with actionable health condition updates and alerts. Movement Interactive’s individuals under care will have access to Iveda’s full line of AI and IoT technologies to support on-site staff, acting as an extra set of eyes during periods of increased patient loads. The cloud-based wireless sensors will collect real-time data in senior living communities serviced by Movement Interactive’s technology, giving caretakers and loved one’s access to patients’ medical statuses via IvedaCare’s AI-driven, decision-making software.

“With the increasing senior population, there has never been a more critical time for technology and healthcare providers and families to come together, joining forces to develop a solution that works towards keeping our elders safe and secure,” said Dr. Luster, CEO at Movement Interactive. “Through this partnership, our extended capability will be able to monitor and detect falls and other medical emergencies in real-time and at all-times. Iveda and Movement Interactive share a commitment to augmenting facilities and at-home seniors with technologies that enable aging-in-place. It has been an honor to work alongside another Arizona-based company that shares our passion for leveraging technology to aid in protecting elderly communities in Arizona and around the United States.”

Iveda’s robust AI video surveillance technology will be added to existing infrastructure throughout Movement Interactive’s care facilities across the United States. In addition, Iveda and Movement Interactive will provide comprehensive solutions and support for Seniors Rising, which will consist of a virtual care platform and advanced medical devices to fully replicate an in-office visit, further empowering the modern senior.


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