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Inventec Appliances ready for virtual healthcare market in Southeast Asia

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Virtual healthcare has become inevitable, especially for people who need long-term care or post-acute care treatment. According to McKinsey & Company, healthcare my shift from facility to home by 2025. Up to US$265 billion worth of care services in the US for Medicare FFS and MA beneficiaries may shift from traditional facilities to home by 2025.

The surging healthcare expenses for facilities and the COVID-19 pandemic are two main drivers that have pushed more care services to home for virtual healthcare. The use of telehealth in 2021 was around 30-40 times higher than during the pandemic times, says the report.

Virtual healthcare solution is on the rise

Virtual healthcare can be easily achieved by adopting some hardware equipment and software, such as laptops, smartphones, or tablets with webcam and microphones, digital medical devices (e.g. electronic stethoscopes or vital sign monitoring devices) plugged into a tablet or phone, and remote patient monitoring software.

Inventec Appliances, a company of Inventec, provides a remote healthcare solution – Chiline HomeCare Cloud Healthkeeper, which recently received a lot of attention from healthcare facilities due to the rising demand for virtual healthcare. The positive feedback from Thailand especially pushes the company to expand to Southeast Asian countries, like Thailand and Vietnam, this year.

Up to now, the company has partnered with over 20 hospitals in Taiwan including some well-known ones, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Linkou, over 1000 clinics, health stations, associations, and healthcare facilities, like daycare centers, long-term care institutes, in-home care service providers, pharmacies, etc.

Since the home care solution can make all caregivers easily communicate on one platform, the company is actively exploring more new business models with companies from various sectors, like logistics, insurance, and real estate companies.

About the product

Chiline HomeCare Cloud Healthkeeper applies cloud technology to family healthcare, telehealth, telecare, personal health management, etc. It can easily perform physiological data measurement, data cloud storage, instant data management, and personal data analysis through the supporting Android or iOS App and HomeCare all-round physiological measurement devices.

Through the health management App, the patient’s physiological measurement data can be easily connected to the hospital server and put all caregivers, such as hospitals, in-home service providers, and family members, on the same platform to make cross-sector communication more efficient and easier.

The “Lego” design of HomeCare Cloud Healthkeeper makes the medical testing devices look extra stylish for home. The multifunctional air purifier, embedded with a security camera and an aroma diffuser, is another eyecatcher for customers.


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