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Innovative AI fall prevention system introduced at Connecticut Memory Care Community

Augmented Intelligence (AUGi) unit from Inspiren and Maplewood Senior Living. (Image courtesy of Maplewood Senior Living)

Maplewood at Stony Hill, a specialized memory care community, has unveiled a groundbreaking AI-driven fall prevention system, following a successful trial run at a sister property earlier this year. In collaboration with Inspiren, Inc., Maplewood has developed this innovative technology known as AUGi (Augmented Intelligence). AUGi, the world's first cognitive resident care assistant, is set to enhance independence, reduce injury risks, and provide peace of mind to residents living with Alzheimer's disease and dementia across all stages, as well as their families.

AUGi's impressive performance was showcased during a six-month pilot study involving 33 units at Inspīr Carnegie Hill, a luxury senior living community under the Maplewood Senior Living umbrella, located on Manhattan's Upper East Side. This cutting-edge system consists of discreet wall-mounted sensors utilizing HIPAA-compliant computer vision, artificial intelligence, and advanced room environmental sensors to discreetly observe resident and staff behavior while maintaining privacy. It learns residents' sleep patterns, mobility challenges, and overall room activity, resulting in over 400 documented staff interventions in high-risk fall situations during the trial period. These findings carry significant implications for the senior care industry, as falls among older adults (aged 65+) account for over 32,000 annual deaths, according to the CDC.

"AUGi's ability to monitor, triage, and alert staff to critical safety events has been a revolutionary tool for our caregivers," said Brian Geyser, Maplewood's Vice President of Health & Wellness, who coordinated the pilot program at Inspīr Carnegie Hill. "While our staff is already extraordinarily attentive, AUGi acts like an extra set of eyes on our most vulnerable residents, maximizing the productivity of our caregivers while simultaneously enhancing the sense of privacy and independence in our residents."

The system achieved an impressive 100% voluntary opt-in rate among residents, families, and responsible parties, alongside a 99% staff adoption rate. During the pilot program, staff used the AUGi mobile app to check on assigned residents an average of 22 times per shift. AUGi also earned Maplewood a finalist spot in the McKnight's 2023 Excellence in Technology Awards.

Beyond the 84 units at Maplewood at Stony Hill set to adopt AUGi, the technology is currently undergoing an empirical study of its effectiveness in partnership with Hunter College, paving the way for potential future implementation across the Maplewood portfolio.


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