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Healthcare services transitioning from hospitals to homes

Healthcare services transitioning from hospitals to homes

In a move set to transform the landscape of home-based healthcare, Biofourmis, a leading global digital health company, has been selected by Community Health Network (Community), a prominent six-hospital integrated health system serving central Indiana. This partnership aims to bolster and expand Community's care-at-home services, providing patients with comprehensive and personalized care across the care continuum.

Biofourmis is renowned for its advanced technology-enabled care solutions, designed to predict clinical complications and deliver personalized care for patient populations, right in the comfort of their homes. With the FDA clearance of its Biovitals Platform and an extensive library of biomarkers, Biofourmis offers predictive analytics that empowers clinicians with real-time personalized data, enabling early interventions to enhance patient safety, improve outcomes, and reduce costs.

Trusted by leading health systems, payers, biopharma companies and patients alike, Biofourmis’ connected platform can improve patient outcomes, prevent hospital readmissions, and close critical gaps in care while also aiming to accelerate drug development.

Community Health Network's decision to adopt Biofourmis' technology-enabled care-at-home solution reflects a strategic shift towards proactive and patient-centered care delivery. By replacing existing care-at-home technology with Biofourmis' comprehensive solution, Community aims to closely monitor and care for patients remotely, focusing on early interventions to minimize hospital readmissions and emergency department visits.

Moreover, Community plans to leverage Biofourmis' platform to support seamless transitions for eligible patients from hospital to home, providing a comparable level of care through telehealth, continuous remote patient monitoring, and AI-enabled data analytics. This approach not only enhances patient experience but also optimizes clinical outcomes by ensuring timely interventions and personalized care delivery.

Kim Jule, Vice President of Population Health Transformation at Community, emphasized the importance of selecting a partner capable of supporting their vision for expanding home-based care services. Through a rigorous evaluation process, Biofourmis emerged as the ideal candidate, offering robust and comprehensive solutions that align with Community's commitment to delivering exceptional care.

Biofourmis' innovative approach combines licensed clinicians, clinical-grade wearable devices, FDA-cleared AI-guided algorithms, and dynamic care pathways to provide an enhanced clinical context for care teams. By integrating Biofourmis' solution with the Epic EMR and leveraging its logistics services, Community aims to seamlessly integrate home-based care into its existing care delivery ecosystem.

This collaboration between Biofourmis and Community Health Network underscores the growing importance of technology-enabled solutions in reshaping the future of healthcare delivery. With a focus on personalized, data-driven care, this partnership has the potential to revolutionize care-at-home services, setting new standards for patient-centered healthcare delivery across the continuum of care.

Biofourmis is a global technology company enabling care delivery, with headquarters in Boston and offices in Singapore and India.


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