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H.C.R. exhibition unveils four major trends for assistive devices

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The 50th International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition (H.C.R.) concluded on September 29, 2023, after a three-day event held at Tokyo's renowned Big Sight. As Asia's largest international exhibition, HCR gathered professionals from across Southeast Asia and other Asian regions, attracting attention for its diverse display of welfare equipment, from handmade self-help devices to cutting-edge nursing care robots and mobility solutions.

Organized meticulously, the exhibition showcased a myriad of products catering to various needs. Mobility equipment, including wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, and transportation devices, dominated 30% of the exhibits, while welfare vehicles, assisted living products, bathroom, and housing equipment collectively represented 27%. Sensory monitoring equipment constituted 10% of the displays, with environmental equipment and care management systems for welfare services contributing 11%. Bedding, rehabilitation, preventive care equipment, and other innovative solutions accounted for the remaining 22%.

Four major product trends

The event emphasized four significant trends: "comfort and functionality," "diversity and design," "reducing the burden on caregivers," and "technology enhancement." Addressing the specific needs of users, exhibitors showcased innovations that balanced convenience, safety, and long-term comfort. For example, the exhibition featured waterproof and ventilated mattresses designed to prevent bedsores, as well as ultra-lightweight electric wheelchairs equipped with rear-wheel speed brakes to assist caregivers in home settings.

Mobility and assisted living devices at H.C.R. 2023 (Photo credit: Ankecare)

Furthermore, the integration of assistive devices with smart IoT technology was a significant theme, showcasing the future of intelligent, connected solutions.

Technology products showcased at H.C.R. 2023 (Photo credit: Ankecare)

Toyota, a prominent participant, unveiled its latest creation, an intelligent wheelchair designed with the theme "Mobility for all." This state-of-the-art wheelchair seamlessly integrated with Toyota's cars, blending fashion, exquisite design, and cutting-edge technology. Its unveiling captured the attention of attendees, making it a focal point of the exhibition.

Toyota's intelligent wheelchair (Photo credit: Ankecare)

Additional highlights of the show

One noteworthy highlight of the event was the innovative collaboration known as "healing art." This initiative, a partnership between individuals with physical challenges and industry experts, transformed creations into functional commodities. The incorporation of Japanese aesthetics rendered assistive devices visually appealing, challenging the stereotype that such aids lack elegance and style.

Healing art exhibited at H.C.R. 2023 (Photo credit: Ankecare)

In addition, the new Experience Zone, where assistive devices were gamified, allowed the general public to interact with them in an engaging manner. By merging elements of gaming and e-sports, the Experience Zone broke barriers, enabling attendees to explore assistive devices in a novel, entertaining context.

Experience Zone at H.C.R. 2023 (Photo credit: Ankecare)

The 50th International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition not only served as a platform for unveiling cutting-edge technology but also highlighted the importance of inclusivity, aesthetics, and practicality in the world of assistive devices. As the exhibition concluded, attendees and participants alike left with a glimpse into the future of home care and rehabilitation, inspired by the possibilities showcased at this remarkable event.


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