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Corsano Health's CardioWatch 287-2 System cleared by FDA for enhanced patient monitoring

Corsano Health, a leading player in the field of MedTech, has achieved a notable milestone with the FDA clearance of its CardioWatch 287-2 System. This breakthrough system, designed for real-time remote patient monitoring, represents a significant advancement in healthcare technology.

The CardioWatch 287-2 System is a comprehensive patient monitoring solution comprising a monitoring bracelet device, a web-based browser platform, and a mobile application available in Patient Mode or HealthCare Professional (HCP) Mode. It is intended for use by adult patients aged 22 and over, offering continuous monitoring of vital signs such as Pulse Rate (PR), oxygen saturation (SpO2), skin temperature (sTEMP), activity (STEPS), and intermittent monitoring of respiratory rate (RR).

One of the distinguishing features of the CardioWatch 287-2 System is its ability to securely transmit encrypted vital sign data via the Patient User App to a secure server. This ensures that vital signs data is accessible to healthcare providers, enabling timely interventions and informed decision-making.

The system's integration with third-party devices for spot monitoring of non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), lung function & spirometry (SPIRO), weight (WEIGHT), and continuous monitoring of axillary temperature (aTEMP) further enhances its utility in various healthcare settings.

Corsano Health's commitment to delivering accurate and reliable monitoring solutions is evident in the rigorous testing and validation of its vital signs algorithms. Derived from real-world patient data, these algorithms undergo thorough scrutiny against gold standards to ensure their efficacy in clinical settings.

At the heart of the CardioWatch 287-2 System lies the Corsano CardioWatch 287 Bracelet, a revolutionary wearable device that offers unparalleled monitoring capabilities. Equipped with advanced photophletysmography (PPG) technology, the bracelet enables continuous tracking of pulse rate, saturation, respiration rate, core body temperature, and activity.

Unlike traditional monitoring devices, the Corsano CardioWatch 287 Bracelet boasts several key advantages. Its waterproof design and long battery life of up to a week allow for continuous monitoring without limitations on location or time window. Moreover, its lightweight and comfortable construction promotes user compliance, addressing concerns related to patient discomfort and adherence to monitoring protocols.

The FDA clearance of the Corsano CardioWatch 287-2 System marks a significant milestone in the realm of remote patient monitoring technology. By providing healthcare professionals with access to real-time vital signs data, Corsano Health aims to improve patient outcomes and enhance the quality of care delivery.

John Doe, Chief Executive Officer of Corsano Health, expressed his enthusiasm about the FDA clearance, stating, "We are thrilled to receive FDA clearance for our CardioWatch 287-2 System. This achievement underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in healthcare technology. With the CardioWatch 287-2 System, we aim to empower healthcare providers with the tools they need to deliver superior patient care."

Moving forward, Corsano Health remains dedicated to advancing remote patient monitoring solutions that redefine the standards of healthcare delivery. Through continuous innovation and collaboration with healthcare professionals, Corsano Health strives to address the evolving needs of the healthcare industry and improve patient outcomes worldwide.


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