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Case study: Technology transforms clinical workforce management with a 16% decrease in labor cost

Case study: How technology transforms clinical workforce management

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, workforce management stands as a cornerstone for operational efficiency and quality patient care delivery. Recognizing the imperative for agility and cost-effectiveness, Mercy Hospital, a prominent player within the top 25 largest US health systems, has embarked on a transformative journey in partnership with Trusted Health. Through innovative solutions and strategic collaboration, Mercy seeks to revolutionize clinical workforce management, driving efficiencies, and enhancing care delivery across its expansive network of 40+ hospitals.

As the healthcare industry grapples with the aftermath of the global pandemic, hospitals face unprecedented challenges in workforce management. Mercy Hospital, with over 40,000 employees and 10,000 nurses, encountered significant hurdles in maintaining optimal staffing levels, reducing turnover, and mitigating premium labor spend. Addressing these challenges necessitated a holistic approach that integrates cutting-edge technology with deep clinical expertise.

Strategic partnership to drive transformation in clinical workforce

In response to these challenges, Mercy Hospital forged a strategic partnership with Trusted Health, an expert in healthcare workforce solutions. The collaboration aimed to streamline processes, optimize resource utilization, and empower clinicians with flexible work opportunities. At the heart of this partnership lies Trusted Health's Works suite, a comprehensive platform designed to modernize staffing operations and optimize the clinical workforce.

The Works suite comprises two key components: Works Flex and Works OnDemand. Together, these solutions enable Mercy Hospital to unlock operational efficiencies, enhance workforce flexibility, and drive cost savings across its vast network.

Modernizing labor procurement

Mercy Hospital commenced its transformation journey by deploying Works Flex, a revolutionary solution designed to modernize the procurement of long-term agency labor. This innovative platform streamlines processes, drives workflow automation, and enhances the user experience for clinical hiring managers. By centralizing and standardizing labor procurement, Mercy Hospital gains greater visibility and control over staffing operations, leading to enhanced efficiency and reduced administrative burden.

Optimizing shift recruitment

Building upon the success of Works Flex, Mercy Hospital implemented Works OnDemand, a cutting-edge solution that powers autonomous open shift recruitment. Leveraging predictive analytics and intelligent algorithms, Works OnDemand identifies scheduling gaps, matches open shifts with the best-fit clinicians, and optimizes incentive pricing to ensure seamless shift coverage. This innovative approach enables Mercy Hospital to leverage a flexible workforce comprising core nurses, regional float pools, and gig workers, while minimizing premium labor spend and reducing reliance on costly travel nurses.

Driving results through innovation

The partnership between Mercy Hospital and Trusted Health has yielded significant results, underscoring the transformative impact of modern workforce management solutions. Within a year of implementing the Works suite, Mercy Hospital achieved remarkable outcomes, including a 16% decrease in total labor cost, a 7.5% reduction in RN turnover, and US$22.6M lower premium labor spend.

At the core of this transformation lies the empowerment of clinicians, who serve as the backbone of patient care delivery. By offering flexible work opportunities, streamlined processes, and enhanced support mechanisms, Mercy Hospital and Trusted Health are committed to attracting and retaining top talent in the healthcare industry. Through ongoing collaboration and innovation, both organizations strive to create an environment where clinicians can thrive, make a meaningful impact, and deliver exceptional care to patients across the healthcare continuum.

Looking towards the future

As Mercy Hospital continues its journey of transformation, fueled by innovation and collaboration, the partnership with Trusted Health serves as a beacon of progress and possibility in the evolving landscape of healthcare workforce management. With a shared commitment to excellence and a relentless focus on driving positive outcomes, Mercy Hospital and Trusted Health stand poised to shape the future of clinical workforce management and redefine the standards of care delivery in the healthcare industry.

Source: Trusted Health

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