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Caretech at Cares Expo Taipei 2023 highlights AI-driven healthcare

Cares Expo Taipei made a triumphant return, featuring 300 exhibitors and marking a 20 percent growth, drawing 12,546 visitors. Among the exhibits, technology-related solutions and products, accounting for 23 percent, have garnered significant attention from visitors. Caretech, a distinct exhibition cluster within the Expo, showcased these technological solutions and devices from Taiwan and overseas countries, aimed at addressing manpower shortages and enhancing the quality of caregiving.

AI has emerged as an essential element in the healthcare solutions presented at the Expo, spanning fall prevention, service robots, disease risk assessments, management systems for medical and healthcare institutions, vital health monitoring solutions, mattresses for bedridden care, rehabilitation devices, and medical imaging analysis. Additionally, the Expo featured various digital healthcare devices, including environmental control systems (ECS), virtual care and telehealth solutions, and smart home systems.

Fall detection proved to be the most popular application at the Expo, with Canon presenting two solutions. One is SoundEye from Singapore, which employs camera-free technology incorporating fall detection and audio analytics to identify abnormal movements such as falls and immobile individuals. Another solution from Denmark, Milestone's XProtect Hospital Assist utilizes AI-driven video analytics to heighten staff awareness of abnormal patient behavior, particularly in the context of fall prevention.

Additional fall detection solutions were offered by HPB Hi-Tech, GIS, and smart mattress providers from SEDA G-Tech, Humetrics, Huijia Health, and ForeAider.

Seeing the fast-growing long-term care market and highly developed medical centers in Taiwan, tech-based solution providers from overseas exhibitors featured below, are introducing their brand and solutions to Taiwan and other Asian countries.

India-based company Squash Apps, introduces Garuda Hospital Management Solution, which optimizes hospital operations through AI-powered clinical decision support and patient management, and hope to grow Southeast Asian market, starting from Taiwan.

CareFort from Japan, presents a hermetic packing system for used diapers to instantly seal in odors, bacteria, and infection-causing viruses, for hospitals and nursing homes. US-based DriQ introduces smart diaper monitoring system to improve efficiency in long-term care facilities.

Finally, One Smile Foundation from Japan presents Smiral program, embodying a mission to "turn smiles into donations through the implementation of smile recognition technology on IT sensor devices, such as smartphones and security cameras.


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