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Cares Expo Taipei expanding to feature total solutions for aging in place

Cares Expo Taipei expanding to feature total solutions for aging in place

With the rise of super-aged societies worldwide, healthcare and eldercare are emerging as burgeoning industries. Capitalizing on this global trend, the Cares Expo Taipei has expanded in size and diversity over the last four years.

The 4th edition of Cares Expo Taipei, held on 7-9 September 2023, once again boasts a record-breaking feat, occupying a vast 10,000 sqm of exhibition space. With over 300 exhibitors from Taiwan and overseas countries presenting more than 500 booths, and attracting over 32,620 visits in elder care sectors, and 116 international visitors from 22 diverse nations, this event serves as a dynamic platform to foster international collaboration.

In 2024, the 5th edition of Cares Expo Taipei, scheduled to take place on Sept 12-14, at Nangang International Exhibition Center, will showcase the total solution from cure to care for elder care in Asia. With an estimated 13,000 sqm of exhibition space, the show will continue to demonstrate the vibrant and dynamic ecosystems in the Asian care industry.

Highlights of Cares Expo Taipei 2023

Cares Expo Taipei 2023 successfully demonstrated the multifaceted aspects of elderly living at home, in communities, and in institutions, covering care services to assistive products and solutions, featured in four major exhibition clusters – Long-term care, Caretech, Homecare, and Health & Wellness.

Among the 12,546 visitors, representing a 50 percent increase compared to last year, 25 percent also came from long-term care facilities, and 11 percent from medical institutions, making a total of 36 percent representing care service providers. Additionally, 16 percent of the total visitors are software and hardware equipment providers eager to enter the healthcare sector.

Cares Expo Taipei expands to feature total solutions for aging in place

Among the 300 exhibitors in 2023, the Expo attracted participation from service providers by 30 percent, systems & tech companies by 23 percent, followed by assisted living by 11 percent, rehab, government, and academia by 12 percent, health & wellness by 10 percent, and others.

Cares Expo Taipei expands to feature total solutions for aging in place

“Southeast Asia is a hugely untapped market, and Taiwan should be the first stop in the Southeast Asia area. There's a huge market for us. And I found Taiwanese people are very nice, polite, and open to international business… They give us a lot of ideas,” said Srijith Radhakrishnan, Chairman of Squash Apps from India, Cares Expo Taipei 2023 exhibitor.

International buyers impressed by the diversity of the expo

Cares Expo Taipei 2023 welcomed 116 overseas visitors from 22 countries, including one delegation led by the Vietnam Medical Devices Association.

“Never before in the world have we seen such lively, diverse, and creative care models and integrated solutions at any other exhibition, but only at Cares Expo Taipei,” said Kris Chau, CEO of Active Community Group from Australia.

“It was well organized. The grouping of the exhibition venue was helpful. It saves us a lot of time to find our related products. The range of products exhibited was within our interest,” said Loh Nee Tong, Owell Bodycare PTE Ltd.

“I am satisfied with the advancement in technology development applied to management and software. I learn a lot from it,” said a Representative of Binh My Nursing Home from Vietnam.

Cares Expo Taipei expands to feature total solutions for aging in place

Cares Expo Taipei keeps expanding in 2024

Cares Expo Taipei has expanded exponentially over the past four years. With an estimated 13,000 sqm of exhibition space, Cares Expo Taipei 2024, on Sept 12-14, is also expected to attract 20,000 attendees at the Nangang International Exhibition Center. This year, the Expo will focus on demonstrating “aging in place,” from cure to care total solution for elderly living. It will be expanded into 5 exhibition clusters — Homecare, Long-term care, Drugstore, Health & Wellness, and CareTech — to facilitate collaborations and connections in the care ecosystems.

The Drugstore exhibition will make its debut in the Expo this year to highlight the recent explosive growth of the numbers of drugstores in the Taiwan market.

Diverse events — Professional Forum, Business Matchmaking, Cares Award, Exhibition Guided Tour, Product Trial, Demonstration Area — will also again be held onsite at the Expo.

For booth application, please contact Juihui Lin via, phone +886 2-77296189 ext.110. You may also fill out the online form or scan the following QR code to access the form directly.

Cares Expo Taipei 2024 expands to feature total solutions for aging in place


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