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Canon strengthens presence in Taiwan's healthcare market with innovative collaborations

Canon Marketing Taiwan participated in Cares Expo Taipei 2023 for healthcare market expansion
Canon Marketing Taiwan participated in Cares Expo Taipei 2023; Photo credit: Anke Media

In a strategic move to further advance its presence in the healthcare sector, Canon has collaborated with Milestone Systems and SoundEye to enhance its innovative solutions catering to the specific needs of healthcare institutions in Taiwan. This initiative is underscored by Canon's active participation in Cares Expo Taipei 2023.

The caregiving industry is facing a shortage of manpower, impacting service quality and efficiency. Canon has developed comprehensive solutions tailored for long-term care, senior care, and healthcare sectors, allowing personnel to focus more on service delivery and creating an enhanced healthcare environment with improved safety measures. One of the primary concerns addressed by Canon solutions is fall detection and prevention through automated systems, such as video monitoring systems and sound recognition, to alleviate the workload of nursing staff.

Among the highlights of Canon's offerings is its partnership with SoundEye, a provider of sound recognition solutions based in Singapore. Canon serves as SoundEye's sales partner in Taiwan. Without cameras, wearable devices, or pressing any buttons, SoundEye uses laser scanning and sound recognition technology for 24/7 monitoring, even in dark environments. Smart Chen, Director, BIS Center of Canon Marketing Taiwan, said this solution can benefit most healthcare facilities in Taiwan due to its privacy protection features.

Its user-friendly installation, akin to a plug-and-play system, makes it ideal for any environment, such as wards and private spaces. The technology has already found successful implementation in several use cases in Singaporean healthcare facilities, showcasing its effectiveness in real-world scenarios.

Milestone Systems, another key collaborator, offers tailored solutions for medium-to-large institutions, including hospitals and major nursing home chains with multiple centers in Taiwan. The system integrates diverse data into a centralized video security management platform, streamlining operations for these institutions.

During a recent exhibition, Canon garnered inquiries from hospital representatives about the integration of vital sign devices into their system. “Canon leverages Milestone open video management platform to incorporate vital sign signals into the central security system. This integration not only provides managers with vital sign data but also more visual information through video images, enhancing the overall monitoring experience,” said Chen.

Canon's foray into the healthcare market aligns with its broader business solutions, which encompass verticals such as medical care, education, video-based streaming, and transportation. Through innovative collaborations and a keen focus on user needs, Canon is poised to make a significant impact on the healthcare sector, enhancing the quality of care and safety for institutions and individuals alike. This initiative is underpinned by Canon's recently unveiled strategic vision - Smart Tech, Smart Vertical, embodying a comprehensive suite of technologies designed to automate and streamline industry-specific operations with tailored solutions.


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