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AIDEN revolutionizes Singaporean senior care with autonomous mobile robot deliveries

Photo credit: Lions Befrienders (LB)

Source: SilverStreak, The Straits Times

In a groundbreaking collaboration between Lions Befrienders (LB) and Delta Electronics, AIDEN, an innovative Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), has begun transforming the landscape of elderly care in Singapore. Launched on October 13, 2023, this remarkable robot is making a significant impact in the lives of frail and homebound seniors residing in HDB flats.

AIDEN, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, has the ability to deliver essential items such as meals, groceries, medication, and laundry directly to the doorsteps of seniors, ensuring their well-being and comfort. What sets AIDEN apart is its unique capability to navigate vertically within buildings by utilizing existing lifts, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure modifications.

According to SilverStreak, the robot's operations are guided by its advanced programming, enabling it to scan lift panels and press the required buttons, ensuring a seamless journey to its destination. AIDEN's wide-angle camera detects obstacles and oncoming individuals, allowing it to move out of the way safely. This unaccompanied AMR even assists in conducting check-ins on residents, enhancing their safety and security.

AIDEN's primary focus currently lies in manual tasks, particularly the efficient delivery of food. Its secure storage compartments enable multiple deliveries in one trip, streamlining the process and saving a remarkable 44 hours of manual labor each month. To collect their items, residents simply scan a QR code on AIDEN, completing the delivery process.

Karen Wee, Executive Director of Lions Befrienders, highlighted the significance of AIDEN's contribution, emphasizing that the robot's efficiency allows LB staff to engage in more meaningful face-to-face interactions and activities with seniors. With the elderly population growing, AIDEN's presence is expected to become more commonplace, providing vital assistance in various care settings.

In the next phase of its trial, AIDEN will extend its services to a larger group of frail seniors in the neighboring block. Additionally, a second AIDEN will be deployed in LB's senior group home program in Tampines. The cost of these robots, while not finalized, is expected to be amortized over several years, with potential manpower savings being a significant factor, according to The Straits Times.

As the successful trial progresses, Lions Befrienders is actively seeking funding to acquire multiple AIDEN robots, ensuring a sustainable future for this innovative approach to elderly care. AIDEN's deployment marks a significant step toward leveraging technology to enhance the lives of Singapore's senior citizens, ushering in a new era of compassionate and efficient senior care.


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