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AI Supporter provides 24/7 solution to toileting issues by alleviating manual assistance

Taiwan-based Qingsheng Health Management Consulting offers AI technology to assist nurses and caregivers in addressing the toileting issues of bedridden patients. In care facilities, a shortage of manpower is a significant concern. The company has discovered that with AI, it can alleviate much of the current workload and further enhance the quality of care provided.

Qinsheng Health Management Consulting creates AI Supporter to address toilet issues

It appears that the current solutions in the market don’t bring much AI functionality, or their solutions are not very user-friendly in certain aspects. Qinsheng Health Management Consulting then creates AI Supporter, utilizing advanced artificial intelligence sensor technology to instantly detect urine and feces, initiating the corresponding cleansing program. Caregiver assistance is not required, and the AI Supporter provides instant relief to the wearer.

The system is equipped with a UV device to disinfect the water, eliminating harmful bacteria. Ozone suppresses bacteria and eliminates odors. Feces are suctioned out, and the weight is recorded. Warm water cleans the wearer, and multi-directional water heads rinse and clean both the wearer and the machine, leaving nothing behind. The wearer’s diaper area is cleaned with warm water and air-dried.

The washable diaper pants are soft and super absorbent, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. They are also machine washable and environmentally friendly, reducing bio waste.

After receiving positive feedback from exhibitions, Qinsheng Health Management Consulting’s AI Supporter is planning for mass production around November. The company aims to introduce this solution to more care facilities worldwide. In the future, it will also integrate with other systems to help monitor and analyze patient’s health.


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