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AI-powered wound care system ensures patients achieve best healing results

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

source: TETSUYU

As Singapore grapples with a rising population of elderly patients, especially those suffering from diabetic ulcers, a cutting-edge solution is changing the landscape of wound care. CARES4WOUNDS (C4W), an AI-enabled wound care imaging, assessment, management, and monitoring system, is revolutionizing the way wounds are treated, ensuring better outcomes for patients.

Singapore faces a significant challenge with diabetic ulcers, leading to a high rate of diabetes-related lower extremity amputations (LEA). To tackle this issue, there is a growing need for innovative wound care solutions. Manual wound measurements and monitoring are not only time-consuming but also prone to inaccuracies. Patients often endure pain and infection risks during traditional wound assessments, making early intervention difficult.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, C4W provides accurate 3D imaging, auto-measurement, tissue classification, and other assessment attributes. The C4W mobile app, compatible with iPhone and iPad tablets, facilitates easy wound-healing monitoring through auto-generated scores and treatment management.

Scientific validation

A study conducted by The University of Tokyo highlighted the effectiveness of C4W during the COVID-19 lockdown. The research compared the outcomes of using C4W against traditional home visits, emphasizing the system's ability to enhance productivity and quality outcomes. The study showcased how teleconsultations via C4W not only expedited wound healing but also provided valuable insights into the healing process.

A compelling case study involved a woman in her 90s residing in a dementia patient group home, suffering from a persistent wound on her lower leg. Despite conventional treatments, the wound showed no signs of improvement. With C4W, teleconsultations with wound, ostomy, and continence nurses (WOCNs) via the app were initiated. Real-time, high-quality video consultations enabled precise assessments and tailored treatment suggestions. Within weeks, the wound showed remarkable progress, eventually healing completely.

C4W not only aids patients but also empowers healthcare professionals. WOCNs and visiting nurses can collaborate seamlessly through the platform, ensuring comprehensive patient care. By sharing real-time data and conducting virtual consultations, C4W facilitates informed decision-making, ultimately leading to faster healing and reduced patient suffering.

Photo credit: screen shot of TETSUYU youtube video


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